Big Rock Sustainables
Enabling Equity, Inclusion, and Opportunity
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Addressing Renewable Energy, Housing,
and Employment Inequalities

Our solution

A comprehensive, sustainable RENEWABLE ENERGY CAMPUS utilizing unused property, promoting affordable housing, facilitating skill development, and generating local job opportunities, fostering community empowerment and sustainability.
Big Rock Sustainables enables
Revitalizing Unused Land
Clean Energy Adoption
Affordable Housing Solution
Local Skills Training
Jobs Near Home
Our stations (50w-200w) can be used to :
Light up.
Charge a mobile phone.
Listen to the radio.
Watch TV.
Plug other DC equipments.

Big Rock Sustainables LLC is innovatively addressing each challenge by:

Transforming underutilized land into a renewable energy hub utilizing a solar array.
Developing local skills with a comprehensive renewable energy training center.
Fostering economic growth and shorter commutes through onsite renewable energy manufacturing jobs.
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